Welcome Year 12 Maths Methods Students!

The purpose of the site is to show you my worked solutions to sample questions you might do in your Year 12 Mathematics Methods course.

Each question has a video showing my step-by-step solution, and my explanation of each step along the way. I hope you find them useful.

Getting Started

ArrowRight2Some of these questions are from free sample exams available online; others are just miscellaneous questions.

You’ll see a list of topics and a list of sample exams on the right (or below, if you’re reading this on your phone). Just click any of them and get started!

Here’s an example:


I’m not a teacher or maths tutor, so this is not an “official” site in any way. I’m just sharing my personal solutions to these problems.

it’s a long time since I studied Year 12 maths (1985!), but of course most of the principles have remained the same. A bit of the terminology has changed (for example, we always said “integration” rather than “anti-differentiation”), but I hope you can still understand my solutions.

If you find this useful …

If you find this useful, there are three things you can do to thank me:

  1. Tell me in the comments, so I know I’m doing something useful.
  2. Share this Web site with other students, so they can get value from it as well.
  3. Send me chocolate.

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